One careful lady pwner

This blog is named for my second book, Enemy of Chaos and began as a way of promoting it and collating info about what I was trying to do to fan the tiny flame of interest around it. I had some nice coverage from various places, and if you want to buy it, Amazon is still your best bet.

But the blog has become more about general thoughts about stuff. I try to put the effort in, but I firmly believe that blogs should be blogs, so it’s all written very quickly and won’t be heavily edited.

A great deal of my time is spent co-making a lighthearted geek culture/comedy podcast with Roo Reynolds, called Shift Run Stop. I recently founded a quarterly newspaper about subversive art and tech stuff called Hackers! – and atrophied projects include my online magazine All The Rage and my humour website Worry Friends.

There’s some more info about my work, as well as a functioning email address, over on my portfolio site and duplicated in a less comprehensive but more digestible form on the site of my new (autumn 2010) thing ->

I live in Hertfordshire.

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