2010, year of the project.

December 29, 2010

Several things came to fruition for me, this year. Lovely. Here are the highlights.

  • I was featured in WIRED magazine in February. Which was nice.
  • …and we were featured podcast in Time Out around the same time, and featured on the iTunes banner, catapulting us into the iTunes charts, where we’ve been ever since.
  • I’ve been invited to speak at more things than I have been able to this year, which is new! e.g. I missed an expenses-paid trip to the US to appear on a panel at a big internet thing this year. A long way to go for a couple of days, and the timing was bad. But just being asked to go felt like achievement enough, and I hope the invitations keep coming. I still haven’t left Europe, but I might one day.
  • Spring was difficult because of hospital trips and traumas, but things soon picked up…
  • I worked on an innovative live radio comedy pilot in the summer. An insight into improv and an exciting taste of production.
  • Almost forgot! Responded to several appeals from readers about what had happened to All The Rage by running a bumper one-off summer special in July. There was some serious enthusiasm for this. Loads of top people contributed and it had more downloads than any of the other issues so far, by a long way.
  • At the end of the summer, I registered finalbullet.com as a professional home for my projects. My distinguished and very professional friends at The Beautiful Meme did the logo and lots more concepts for the site etc, stand by for implementation in 2011.
  • Roo and I appeared at the London games conference Playful 10, where we did some live Shift Run Stop on-stage and interviewed Dominik Diamond over Skype. It was a hit.
  • In fact, the podcast really has gone from strength to strength. We haven’t missed a week. We’ve decorated cassettes, tracked down the Beano fanclub, eaten terrible food, met dozens of brilliant people and…
  • Had our 50th episode party in October. I booked a room in Southwark and loads of listeners and former guests came. We played boardgames, card games and poker, and Roo hooked up the Prestel journalism game Scoop on the big screen. It was magnificent.
  • In November I was hired to cover the enormous retro games expo in Blackpool, R3PLAY, which was wonderful and nostalgic, and very cold, and very gorgeously northern, and I will be doing it all again next year!
  • And I spoke at the (also brilliant) Oxford Geek Night recently. I talked about making things quickly. It went down well.
  • Oh, and I’m now writing quite regularly for WIRED UK.
  • BBC Comedy – one or two producers in particular – have been trying to get me involved in their website for a very long time. We worked hard on it at the beginning of this year, and finally launched my bit in December. Now my stupid jokes are on the main BBC news site, on their Magazine page. A page I actually sometimes read! This feels like an achievement.
  • I’ve had coffee with writers, producers, performers, publishers, games-creators and programmers over 2010, most of which hasn’t led to anything yet. But it has been a great indulgence for me to meet so many clever and creative people – I’ve loved it. Many of these talented new contacts came from doing a gamebook at the end of 2009. The book itself will never make me any money at all, don’t bother buying it. But the utterly inaccurate perception that I know anything about metafiction might one day make me a millionaire.
  • Finally, I’ve worked in one of the most creative offices in London for the past few months, and have just launched my very own newspaper. At the moment, the possibility of doing more of the exact kind of nonsense I like throughout 2011 is looking strong.

What I haven’t done, though, is had coffee/wine/cake with enough of the other people – the people I already know and like. 2011 will be less about the speculative meetings and more about nurturing the new and old friendships and familyships, I hope.

I haven’t gone soft though, don’t worry. 2011 will also be the year of indiscriminately saying ‘yes’ to everything. I fully intend to talk at TED, become the editor of WIRED, and get my newspaper into WH Smiths by the end of 2011.

Happy New Year. Let’s catch up soon. I mean – let’s actually.

3 Responses to “2010, year of the project.”

  1. Beano Says:

    We, your fans, cry out for more more more!

  2. […] week will be different. I summarised some of the key project moments what of the past year over on the informal blog, and this seems like a good place to draw up a plan for 2011. Behold: […]

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