General news about stuff I’ve done recently

December 15, 2010

Roo and I have been invited to do a live SRS broadcast on the all-new Radio Roundabout project this Friday. It begins with a Christmas special broadcast from the offices I’ve been spending a lot of time in lately, and by all accounts is likely to be two hours of festive fun. The show will be going out on the internets 3-5 on Friday, and we’re on for about half an hour at 3:30pm-ish.

You already know about the newspaper I launched last week. It’s called Hackers! and we’ve sold loads already, as the man at the Post Office will testify. Come and get one from the office if you’re in the area – and pay in cash! Paypal are the devil! I’m currently scouting for ideas for the next issue and sponsorship, along which lines I have a very exciting meeting tomorrow…

I’m writing some stuff for WIRED, should have things in the next few issues so will let you know as and when they crop up.

I was interviewed for the excellent Re/Action last week, but buy the next issue anyway, the rest of it will be great.

I’m now writing a weekly column/blog thing for the BBC Comedy site, here’s an extract from today’s instalment:

“One of the greatest ever short stories was written in the form of a classified ad from the For Sale section of a newspaper. Ernest Hemingway wrote: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Note how he added to the poignancy by leaving an essential detail hanging in the air: the price. To this day people still speculate on what those shoes were going for. They say “If you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it.” I find it very unlikely I can’t afford a pair of baby shoes, especially second hand ones.”

2 Responses to “General news about stuff I’ve done recently”

  1. Why have I only just seen this article? Why oh why isn’t there some place I can go to get updates on all of the updates that you put out about your activities? Also, the children, etc.

  2. enemyofchaos Says:

    My infrastructure is a mess Peter.

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