Hackers! reserve your copy now

December 2, 2010

The newspaper I produced, published by Newspaper Club has been printed this week. I should see copies tomorrow. I strongly recommend you reserve one by emailing me to editor at hackerspaper.com if you’re intrigued enough to stump up the £4. It will be a limited run.

It’s fun. It has entertaining inventions and creations in it, and it’s a little bit weird and artisan. I interviewed some people about things like laser-powered bongs and making new games for old 8-bit computers, and some people wrote articles about things like Victorian hackers, and how combination locks (don’t) work. One contributor hacked time, and somebody else asked a spammer to build them a clap-o-meter. I hope we can do these quarterly forever and ever, because I have five hundred more ideas for what I want to include. I need a newspaper if I’m to have a real empire, and quite honestly, I can’t get enough of this stuff.


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  1. […] me and reserve a copy if you’re interested (it’s £4 – just to cover our costs). More about the paper on my other […]

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