A good book I read

November 23, 2010

I’m crap at reading, as you know. I never do it, and then, when I finally do, it takes me bloody ages. I was one of those kids sliding the ruler down the page and lip synching. But I read an entire novel over the weekend – I think the first time I’ve done that since the wonderful What Was Lost. I don’t usually understand the point of novels so I avoid them, but like What Was Lost, this one was really, really good. It just made perfect sense for it to be a book. And what a book.

It’s called Room, and it’s by Emma Donoghue. Don’t read anything about it. Don’t even read what’s written on the cover. Just don’t.

Honestly, don’t.


I’m going to link to the Amazon page now so you can buy and enjoy it too, but remember what I said.




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