Shift Run Stop games night

October 13, 2010

Look, I don’t have birthday parties, ever. I don’t have anything else to celebrate regularly and probably never will. So please come to the Shift Run Stop games night on Monday and help me celebrate the only worthwhile thing I’ve ever been involved with, in my life.

Even if you hate me it’ll be worth it, because the loveable other half of Shift Run Stop will be there, as will our regular snacks testing guest, Dave, and quite a few former guests.

One Response to “Shift Run Stop games night”

  1. […] Had yet more great stuff in for the paper and am highly impressed by the standard and general enthusiasm for it all. I’ve asked for everything to be in by Monday, which is also the day we’re due to interview two brilliant women for the show, and the day of our already-legendary episode 50 party. […]

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