What is BRIG?

August 26, 2010

Just spotted a very sweet post in which Russell explains what BRIG is, including a great picture in which I am almost visible.

BRIG is a compression of BERG (London) and RIG. BERG I haven’t chatted to much yet; they’re in a special closed-off pen full of beanbags. But I sit near RIG – the guys who make the newspapers, and Chris, Phil, James and James.

Essentially, Russell is Fagin and this is where we all gather to deposit our interesting pickings at his feet. It is a great environment – you know that everyone’s very clever, and working on something very cool. I was writing about Rubik’s this week for WIRED, wrestling with an arrangement of cubes at my desk for a couple of days. I like that I can work somewhere where playing with multiple Rubik’s Cubes, stopping occasionally to draw in a notebook, seems like a normal and valid way of spending time.

I’ve only been here a week and I’ve done loads more work than normal. I’ve written two articles and pitched several more. I’ve booked SRS guests, blogged, emailed, drop-boxed, edited, watched, listened, researched, played – and ingested lots of delicious tea, biscuits and cake. But you know, if you read this blog, that I don’t think writing is something I want to pursue full-time because I’ve glimpsed the joy of Machiavellian Puppeteering. And as soon as the money from the writing is banked, I’ll be launching something that’s not just, like, all a big load of fucking writing. Something involving other humans and their ideas, challenging and unexpected production methods and higher stakes. Something, most importantly, that uses my powers for evil. And hopefully soon.

But Russell’s right – more inter-office promiscuity would obviously be very beneficial for everyone, considering the quality of brains in the building, and the scope of the work that’s going on. I am a bit shy to spontaneously start talking to people in real life, especially the ones I recognise off the internet – and I need a reason to get past that because I’d like to imagine my future might contain collaborations with at least some of these people. Maybe we could have a regular meeting for talking about work-in-progress, or a mailing list or something? Or something? Or… something? I’ll mention it to someone. Just as soon as I’m brave enough.

In other news, Roo and I are now on the Playful 2010 games conference program. We were asked to do “Shift Run Stop Live”, i.e. an on-stage interview, and we have an amazing games-related ex-pat guest lined up who we hope to interview live, by some kind of internet link-up thing.


4 Responses to “What is BRIG?”

  1. Matt Says:

    Hello. This is Matt from BERG. We don’t have any beanbags. We’re quite friendly, mostly – we’re just busy, mostly. Hello. How are you?

  2. enemyofchaos Says:

    Aw hi Matt! Thanks for saying hello. Yes, I should’ve mentioned that you are all very friendly. I talked to the other Matt just yesterday in the kitchen.

    Maybe they’re sofas or something, not beanbags. I have only the haziest idea of what goes on in there tbh.

  3. Matt Says:

    They are sofas, as per our conversation. As for what we do… We design, invent and make stuff for ourselves and clients, like http://howbigreally.com for the BBC or http://magplus.com for bonnier

  4. James Says:

    Don’t listen to him Leila. They do have beanbags. Sweet, sweet beanbags they don’t want anyone else sitting on. So they use codenames for them. Ask him about the codenames.

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