What did I miss?

August 16, 2010

Week offline in the sun without any contact from the virtual world was absolutely brilliant. I’ve come home (via a 1am trip to A&E*) to find out-of-office reply has been spam-binned by important editors, WordPress and Gmail have ‘improved’, and winter has arrived in the UK. But at least Roo and I are in agreement about getting a ventriloquist on SRS. I said it as a joke once, a-haha, but since Ali Cook the amazing magician I genuinely think it could be great. And they’re having a comeback.

While I was away, the internet has been exciting for young Lewis Dryburgh, who posted his phone number online to excellent effect. Follow him on Twitter, if you do that kind of thing, because he’s going to be Very Big one day. And I will bang on about this one, but I’m enjoying the return of Alex Heminsley’s nail polish blog The Definite Cuticle very much and I imagine even people who don’t love nail polish would love it. Plus she seems to be in every magazine I’ve picked up in the last six months.

Other than that, I have very little inclination to read any more internet. I know it’s not advice for everyone, but am really reaping the benefits of a bit more REALITY. Who were you before you were online all the time? What kind of stuff did you do to fill your time? How did you contact people, and present yourself to the world of friends and strangers? That’s where the lessons are hidden – that’s the history of who we are, isn’t it?

* Just before boarding the TGV, I walked into an exposed metal pipe thing in France – the pain was impressive. Finally returned to the UK 7 hours later and my shin has been surgically stuck back together by trained NHS staff. Don’t give up on the UK yet, Leila.


3 Responses to “What did I miss?”

  1. I am like you, only weaker.

  2. enemyofchaos Says:

    I did feel like Jason Bourne after the Shin Ultimatum I can tell you. But I suspect you’re referring to my Internet-avoidance.

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