The Brittas Empire

August 8, 2010

I’m off to southern France for a bit from Tuesday, a region probably most famous for its neutron bomb style google-car camera whiteouts. I don’t know if the lawless post-apocalyptic galls have wi-fi, so I thought I’d do a quick note before I go.

But this is mainly ME reminding ME to do a blog post about The Brittas Empire, which I’m working my way through at the moment, having not watched it since it was first on. Carol is brilliant – what’s SHE doing now, I think, every time she’s on screen.

Also I’ve noticed that this blog is suddenly getting more hits than usual. I haven’t been writing with that kind of anticipation at all, so I expect you will find a lot of it quite stream of consciousness and not particularly ideologically robust. I have a thing about writing quickly and non-journalistic-ly as soon as possible after having a thought and editing as little as possible. I find something useful in blogs being distinctly blogs. Useful for me, I mean, the writer; not at all useful for you. For you, may I recommend several good newspapers.

In the meantime, if you insist, I’ll see you upon my return for thoughts on the Brittas Empire.


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