The Middle Names Project

August 6, 2010

To my shame I don’t really know who this James Hogwood chap is, but TO HIS CREDIT he seems to know a bit about me, and this post that’s just gone up on his blog plus photo taken by Roo at Interesting ’09 made my day! James is a Shift Run Stop listener and runs a rather wonderful thing called The Middle Names Project. The idea is brilliantly simple – he really just invites people to write a blog post about their middle name.

I was astonished, actually astonished, by how interesting peoples’ stories of their middle names are. I can’t stop reading them. Keep your Inceptions and your Heavy Rains… these are the stories I want to hear – public but so personal, all wrapped up with identity and duty and embarrassment. You find out all kinds of brilliant stuff about people during the course of a chat about their middle name. And it says something about our expectations of the internet these days that doing a project as simple as this for no gain, with no bells and whistles, actually feels – well, a bit subversive.

Anyway, more of my and others thoughts on middle names over on James’s blog.


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