Mystifying till toy. Help.

July 3, 2010

I felt a fool through young childhood because I couldn’t work out what this toy was all about. I mean, I imagine I knew it was meant to be a till, and I had loads of shop-related toys anyway. But what are the numbers? They don’t correspond to coins, even weird early 80s coins (in fact the till is dated 1968, adding to the mystery as I wasn’t born until more than a decade later). Why are they arranged like that? Is there a pattern? Have those numbers come up consistently through my life, and I never noticed UNTIL NOW?

Any ideas? Can you help? Can one or two or three or five of you help? Shit! That was IT, wasn’t it? It’s in my HEAD.


5 Responses to “Mystifying till toy. Help.”

  1. You need to input the numbers every 108 minutes OR ELSE.

  2. BobertD Says:

    I remember this till toy too. (I was born in 1976.)

    My theory is that the bizarre numbering is a result of it being manufactured in the period when people knew decimalisation was coming, but had yet to take full effect.

    According to the article at, the new 5 and 10ps were introduced in 1968. However, full decimalisation didn’t occur ’til 1971. So maybe they *thought* there would be a 30p coin.

    (Hey – it’s a theory.)

  3. You can make a four out of 1 and 3, 6 out of 1 and 5, 7 out of 2 and 5, etc. That would be my guess, but it is a curious thing.

  4. Ian Stopher Says:

    Have you tried emailing the lovely people (they make childrens toys, so surely they must be lovely people, right!?) at Casdon ( to ask you question?

    I was surprised to find they still exist and indeed are still making toy tills (although with wholly less charming credit card readers attached).

    • Ian Stopher Says:

      Wrote comment 3 hours ago, then left house without hitting submit – hit submit now, just seen comment utterly redundant (sorry!)

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