What I meant to say was

June 10, 2010

Slightly concerned the last few posts are making me seem like I might be a mental.

I am alright really!

There are, in fact, lots of much better, less self-indulgent things that I’ve been thinking of blogging about lately and not getting round to. Blogging, remember, is not a job. Don’t ever blog to apologise for not blogging, I can’t stand that. Seriously blog, don’t blog, it’s fine. Turns out no one actually cares. You’re not that important. And here I am apologising for not blogging (better. That’s even worse.)

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about things to do with games, and the internet, and the gameternet, and what Russell (always interesting, often right) said in Wired about play, and what Naomi said in the Guardian today, and what we say, implicitly and explicitly, every week in our show – on which both of those people have appeared. Also thinking about production, and how much we are producers these days, especially having just read all the comments on Roo’s post about how we produce the podcast. Incidentally, Roo is much more interesting and popular than me, and if you’ve been sitting under my blog hoping for a scrap of geeky interest, you’d be far better off heading over to his site and twitter. By the way, I really am tremendously pleased with our retro-techy latest episode, and I don’t say that about every episode.

This post has gone more podcasty than I meant, but the truth is, my head is full of the show at the moment, and the rewards of superintending in general. There are always things to be made, experiences to relay, talented people to direct. And however much the people I’d never be brave enough to criticise, myself, will tell me I can’t do it… however bad it feels to be bad things, however deeply and entirely earnestly I want to jack it all in every single day and move to the seaside and work as a waitress, I find generating new things so much more satisfying than writing. Any writing. Definitely fiction*. Probably drama. Usually journalism. And always blogging, especially apologetic blogging like this.

*I’m not sure fiction even exists as a format, to be honest. I think it’s more like a Portugese Man O’ War, which I just discovered is actually made up of lots of little organisms. Hold onto your hats for that blogpost, huh!


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