Recent press: Wired and Time Out

February 20, 2010

It’s been a good month. The interview I did with Wired UK is now out in the March issue of mag, and online, complete with awkwardly posed by nicely devised photo. I think being so unphotogenic is a bit of a disadvantage with these things, as pictures are everything in magazines… but assuming anyone does manage to get past it and read what I said, it’s exciting to think my actual ideas are in print. Not a bias or a spin, but real stupid stuff I think about. And to get into Wired without having a job, any ambitions or any interest in participating in digital culture to change the world (or indeed more than I absolutely have to, ever, at all) – both a supreme embarrassment to everyone involved and surely the highlight of my career so far.

Meanwhile, Shift Run Stop, the podcast I do with Roo Reynolds has been picked up by iTunes – who spontaneously started advertising it in their MAIN podcast banner a few weeks ago. To give you some context – that’s alongside a handful of real, official productions such as The Economist and the Guardian’s Tech Digest. Consequently, our listener numbers have shot through the roof – I mean: crazy numbers. We still haven’t got used to the idea that more than a handful of people are tuning in now. We’re going to need a new roof, as well, but one thing at a time.

Then this week we found ourselves in Time Out London! Lisa Mullen gave us a nice write-up, even though it was as a “Video Podcast” (the video trailers I make are only 3 mins long; the really good stuff is in the half hour show that Roo edits, which we put out every Thursday). Needless to say, we’re delighted!


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