Green shoots of recovery

December 3, 2009

Finally, some good newses.

1. I had a job interview, first one in years. Even if I don’t get it, it still feels like a positive thing.

2. Wizards of the Coast have come across my book, and emailed today to say they want to interview me. This is massive for me – they’re the guys that keep Dungeons and Dragons alive. I didn’t expect it at all, especially as I take the piss out of them a bit in Enemy of Chaos.

3. Shift Run Stop is doing better than we could’ve imagined, I’ve just seen the stats and am very pleased indeed. The quality of guests remains top and we’re fully planning to keep it up.

4. Roo and I have been invited to appear on Sky News as Shift Run Stop in January.

5. I’m doing an interview for Wired magazine next week about my various projects.

6. One of those projects involves Newspaper Club and this excellent chap who is an absolute delight and who I’ve been meeting and bouncing ideas off, of late. He seems even more insanely ambitious about the scale of projects than I am, but unlike me, obviously has the smarts to make stuff happen.

7. The BBC online comedy people just emailed to say we should be able to go ahead with a project based on my first book that’s been in the pipeline for over a year. I’ve been summoned back to TV Centre.

8. Insurance company finally playing ball – new iPhone for me!

9. …and I recently found a rather nice review of my EOC iPhone app here

There is suddenly a lot to do.


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