Who pays the A Team?

November 6, 2009

a-teamLeila: God Supernanny makes the kids go in “reflection room’. It’s not a hall of mirrors sadly. This supernanny thing reminds me of a question that came up yesterday. “Who pays the A Team?” Like, where do they get all their money. They only ever help poor people. Who pays the Supernanny?

Peter: The folk who they do the jobs for? Didnt they get a load of money in the first place?

Leila: they are contractors. But you never see money change hands. Also i’m not that comfortable with the idea they’re doing this for money rather than a sense of moral righteousness. They’re basically hit men. They’d do anything for the right price.

Peter: well they probably invoice them and do a bank transfer or something.

Leila: Yes. They probably have paypal. Or BACS

Peter: i like their positive portrayal of the mentally ill. If only they were all like Murdoch

2 Responses to “Who pays the A Team?”

  1. Liam Says:

    The opening credits say they live as “soldiers of fortune”. Does this mean they’re lucky (they would have to be considered as lucky given the sheer audacity of some of their capers) or are they already loaded (in which case they’re doing it got kicks)? Given that they are packing more firearms than you’re average revolutionary army, one would assume that they are perhaps funded by some mysterious benefactor who is never revealed.

    Having said that, there’s always one of those somewhat sticky moments in each episode when they have to improvise something out of a can of baked beans and a blow torch. I find this more incredulous than the mystery of how they are funded given that they have access to weapons and technology that make the improv somewhat unnecessary – kind of like solving quadratic equation on an abacus.

    Oh, the contadictions…it drives you mad!

  2. enemyofchaos Says:

    Haha thanks for your thoughts Liam! Glad we’re not the only ones confused by this.

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