Mention in the Bookseller

October 17, 2009

Picture 2The lovely Naomi Alderman has mentioned me and my book in a bit for The Bookseller about the future of fiction. I feel quite the trailblazer. What would fiction be like in 2059? Perhaps we’re already seeing glimpses of it:

But the fiction audience of 2059 has more options. For one thing, computer game stories have become richer. Even 50 years ago, games like “Portal”, “Shadow of the Colossus” and “Grim Fandango” had thought-provoking, engaging stories. And novelists were already exploring fiction with multiple endings: from The French Lieutenant’s Woman to Leila Johnston’s Enemy of Chaos. Authors now often work with a programmer—like the time-honoured musician-lyricist partnership—to produce fiction that’s interactive, games that are literary. These partnerships shy away from defining their work as story or game, coyly calling them “experiences”.

My bold. Thanks Naomi, you’re the tops!


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