“Let him live. Help him return to Ian Livingstone”

October 3, 2009

flowchart2I’ve had a quick look through the reams of print-outs in the ‘Enemy of Chaos drawer’ and thought I’d stick a few up here, as they include discarded ideas and jokelets that maybe of wider interest. Who knows. Either way it is at least evidence that I did some prep, and that there were other thoughts that couldn’t for whatever reason be squeezed into the book. Come with me over the jump for notes, notes, and supplementary meta-notes.

This is a little flowchart thing from a time very near the end when I was still thinking of putting a section about robots in. As you can see, the basics are there – I’ve got the main players and the main sections worked out but some of the plot details are different to the final version. e.g. check out that first path: “Chaos magician vs (time) travel agent locked in battle over Prestel for the rest of eternity”. Ah, I really wanted to have some kind of viewdata-based war in this book. Next time. Looking at this is reminding me there was also a bit about bringing down the Post Office by returning their elastic bands to them without attaching enough postage. And the joke “Your days are numbered. Not consecutively” which I apparently forgot to include in the final draft. I think it was going to be about how postmen are obsessed with consecutive number sequences.

IMG_5141This is a much earlier thing from when I was thinking about doing some kind of stupid Orwellian satire stuff. This was where I first decided I wanted a chaos magician and you can see the “this future was created by YOU” note that was the seed for the section in the final draft where you get a call from your future self. This page also includes the enigmatic note “Double decker buses joke” and “Let him live, help him return to Ian Livingstone”. And “The universe isn’t hot enough to have a heat death. It just has a warm bath.”

IMG_5142Notes about entropy and other thoughts from my head at the time, including one where I ask “Will predictive text ever reach the predictive levels I need of it?” and what was probably the bus joke from the previous page “If you put all the bridges in the world back to back like double decker buses they would still only appear at the last second on a 24 hour clock to the moon”.

parallel monologuist

Earliest recorded incidence of the parallel monologuist idea. Other notes here “Rules for looking at car crashes like an art gallery” and “All my jokes are adlibbed, just not necessarily when I tell them.”


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