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October 1, 2009

joandhelenI’ve had a busy week, socially. For me, at least. And it’s only Thursday.

A highlight was finally meeting Helen Zaltzman from the brilliantly funny and deservedly popular Answer Me This podcast (which she does regularly with Ollie Man). Helen and I have been in a loose sort of internet correspondence for a few years, she proofed my book and even wrote for my mag All The Rage a few times, but somehow we’ve never met till now. But this week she invited me along to a read through of a potential Jo Neary show called “Same Time Next Week”. It was superb, Brendan Cole was the guest, Adam Buxton was hilarious, and I’d forgotten what a brilliant performer Jo is. We had a chat in the pub afterwards, hadn’t seen Jo for ages, she seems very happy. Other people I’ve met in the last few days include…

…Roo Reynolds, internet’s mister popular and photographer of me, at Interesting 09. Roo is great, frighteningly clever and real posh. We might work together on something sometime. We had a meeting in the Blue Peter garden of all places, and look who we met! Why, it’s Barney, the new Blue Peter dog! What a lovely friendly fellow he was too, bounding around, chasing squirrels. His handler told us he was in a bit of a bad way when he was rescued. Seems to be doing well now. Ah, Barney.

Dan Maier (who is well funny & writes for TV Burp) has got me into krautrock recently and we went to see Damo, off of Can, last night in Hoxton. It didn’t disappoint, except that Damo started pretty late and showed no signs of ever stopping, so we had to walk out in the middle of one of his (hour and half long) songs. Great night though – here he is, look. The other bands were very good too.


2 Responses to “Latest media adventures”

  1. Euan Davidson Says:

    Jo Neary isn’t on telly enough.

  2. enemyofchaos Says:

    Yes, I agree. She was spot on at that read-through. Funny on-script, super witty off-script, voice, timing, etc – and seemed to be really enjoying being up there performing which was lovely to see.

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