Enemy of Chaos walk-through completed

October 1, 2009

walkthruI am both delighted and slightly appalled by this. Roo (see previous entry) always needs to have something clever to occupy his giant brain, and since I gave him a copy of Enemy of Chaos on Wednesday afternoon he has mapped the routes by page number to show the world exactly how to win, or at least how not to repeatedly die, at my frustrating book-game. I’ve never drawn it out by page number, and certainly never thought of it horizontally, so it’s very strange for me to see it like that. It looks like a big Romulan ship or something. Can’t stop looking at it. Feel like I’ve woken up in the middle of an operation.

It’s quite enlightening about the design of the game too – you can immediately see that after an easy start it starts to get quite complicated. Then, if you get through the big messy bit, it’s clear from this diagram that it’s just a case of keeping your finger in the page for a while… it’s basically all binary through mediocre world and Madame Tussaud’s in the run up to the big finish.

2 Responses to “Enemy of Chaos walk-through completed”

  1. […] is the same map, laid out horizontally. As Leila points out, it “looks like a big Romulan ship”, which is quite appropriate for what must be one of […]

  2. […] square one perhaps. But I have no doubt that it will be fun, whatever happens. You’ll recall the map Roo made of my book? It sounds like it’s going to be included in a special newspaper thing that the […]

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