Playful ’09

September 24, 2009

Int09.jpgFollowing on from a very fun Interesting 2009, in which I did a short reading from EOC (there I am miking up look), I am going to be spuriously representing the gamebook contingent at this year’s Playful. I can’t help noticing it takes place at the same venue as Interesting and involves a lot of the same people. Unsure what to make of that. That the UK digital media scene is very very small, or just that people like working with their friends? Maybe a little from Column A, a little from Column B. Needless to say I don’t know anyone involved very well, but it’s great to have been asked and to be part of something exciting and fun.

Anyway, get a ticket if you can, some of the other speakers look really interesting. At £25 or £40 it’s quite expensive but I’ll try to make it worth your pounds.


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