You never stop blogging

September 22, 2009

I polled my Twitter followers about whether or not to start an EOC blog. One said: “Possibly, but bear in mind the reasons you stopped blogging before”. I thought about this for a while. I wondered if it was because I felt self-conscious, or felt I had nothing to say, didn’t like the feedback, or just basically hate blogs (there is some evidence for this). But then I realised: I never really stopped blogging, in the sense of creating something interactive that expressed my ideas. I’ve had all kinds of things on the go all over the internet for the last couple of years, sometimes overlapping, sometimes with a gap of a month or two in between, but click around and they’re all still trundling along, in various states of anonymity and incompleteness.

So here we are again, WordPress. And I have to say it: you’ve changed.


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